The 420 Oasis is the Coachella Valley’s premiere dispensary. Located in the heart of beautiful Palm Springs, we are focused on providing the highest quality products in a safe and welcoming environment. We offer reliable delivery, state-of-the-art technology, and superior customer service. We seek to actively promote and support for the safe and effective use of medical and recreational cannabis while remaining in accordance with all state and local laws.

Our team consists of advocates, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, medical patients and recreational cannabis users with one common goal: to fulfill the need for safe access to quality cannabis products in our community. We are longstanding residents of the Coachella Valley. Your community is our community, and our top priority is the well-being and prosperity of our neighborhood.



Our core values consist of accountability, authenticity, community engagement, compliance, and integrity. The unmatched quality of our products and services are a direct result of our collective efforts of which we hope to bring to the desert for years to come.


* Provide a safe, welcoming environment in which to obtain cannabis legally

* Source clean, premium, great tasting product

* Create a standard of service excellence in the industry

* Provide and promote cannabis education

* Set an example of 100% compliance, upholding all state and local statutes

* To create an extraordinary environment of professionalism and friendliness

* Nurture and support our employees, creating a culture of trust and growth